FAQ page for FindCheapFlights.net This page answers our most frequently asked questions.

Is this site safe to use?
Yes. FindCheapFlights.net uses ssl encryption. There are NO financial transactions carried out at this website. Should you decide to purchase any of the flight deals, accomodation deals or any other offers listed on this site your purchases will be made on the providers payment pages which are also fully encrypted to ensure your personal and financial information is kept confidential, safe and secure.

What is FindCheapFlights.net
FindCheapFlights.net is a search engine dedicated to cheap flights, and cheap accomodation deals offered by airlines and accomodation providers.

How many airlines are available?
there are many 100’s of airlines offering deals and special prices.

How many accomodation providers are there?

Are the airlines Major Airlines?
Yes there are Major Airlines, and smaller airlines. We offer cheap flights for International and Domestic Flights in most countries worldwide.

How long do the deals last?
Each deal usually has either a limited time, or a limited quota available. There are only so many seats available on any airline flight and once those seats are sold then the offer will no longer be available. In the case of accomodation deals these may be limited to certain dates, or room availability. If you find a great deal that suits you, you should book it as soon as possible.

What guarantees and assurances do I have?
Each deal, whether it is a flight, or an accomodation deal will have terms and conditions layed out by the provider. You will need to check the terms and conditions of each provider. It is NOT possible for FindCheapFlights.net to list the terms and conditions, guarantees, assurances and special conditions of all service providers worldwide.

Does it cost anything to use FindCheapFlights.net
No. Using our search engine is a free service

Can I search Anonymously?
Absolutely. FindCheapFlights.net will NEVER know who you are. If you decide to book a flight or accomodation deal you will need to provide information to the service provider. This information is NEVER provided to us. For more information on what WE know about you, check our TERMS OF SERVICE and PRIVACY POLICY PAGES (links in footer)

What countries can I find flights or accomodation for?
All countries

Can I book connecting flights, or more than one flight at a time?
Yes. If you are planning flight after flight for business, or personal travel you most definately can purchase as many flights as you choose.An example of this would be to book an internation flight to travel to another country and then purchase a domestic flight to fly to another destination inside that country.You can book a full world tour, or a full country tour.

Can we do bookings for a large group of people?
Yes. For Families, Sports Clubs, Schools and any large booking.

Do you have bookings for car hire?
Not at this time. But we will shortly.

Didnt find what you’re looking for?
The information you are looking for may be available in our privacy policy, our terms of service, our ABOUT us page, or on our search pages. If you believe we have missing information that you think should be added to this page, you can send us your question or tell us whats missing by using our contact page.

Happy Travelling!

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